Irondale Longbows

We’ve got quite a bit of experience with Irondale Longbows, as we use them day in day out with our medeival events, in rain and shine (and occasionally snow) with a huge variety of customers – some less gentle than others!

Chris’ bows are simple, effective and honest – he doesn’t mess around with fancy nocks, braided grips or inlays unless you request them, and he specialises in making simple and inexpensive longbows and warbows.

From self-ash longbows with or without horn nocks, through to double and triple laminate bows from a variety of woods including Ipe (greenheart), Ash and Bamboo.

Specialising in full-compass bows, Chris has been making bows full-time for several years and has built bows for us from 20lb @ 30inches, through to 75lb @ 32″ and we’ve seen some real monsters he’s made (150lb warbows don’t phase him at all, but they phase us and our muscles!). We’ve also seen some really very nicely built and finished flight bows by him, which have turned us green with envy. He’s also honest enough to tell you if something isn’t right – we requested a couple of Holmegaard bows from him which he made, but felt weren’t up to standard, so he refused to sell them to us!

If you’re looking for a real bargain, it may be worth having a look at his ebay profile – Poseidon’s Wake.

We’ve found that our Irondale longbows have served us well, and we’re very happy to recommend them to anyone.

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