Longbow Makers

The joy of lists – and this one is by no means an exhaustive one, neither is it in any order indicative of quality! Feel free to comment and suggest a good bowyer if you know one.

Though many of these bowyers will sell bows through shops, we always recommend you go direct to them – not only does it mean that they get paid more, it means that the bow they make will be personalised to you.

Richard Head – A well respected bowyer of many years standing. Prices range from £360-£1000 depending upon what you’re after.

Pip Bickerstaffe – Possibly the highest regarded and most prolific UK longbowyer. Prices from £175-£lots!

Green Man Longbows – Very interesting, mainly self pacific yew and the much discussed silver nocks. Prices around £750.

Pete Davidson – Well established bowyer with a lot of knowledge. Prices from £150-£lots.

Steve Stratton – A leading light of the warbow scene, and an experienced bowyer. Prices from £250-£lots.

Hilary Greenland (Sylvan Archery) – A very well respected bowyer with a range of historic bows. Prices from £280-£600.

Keith Rayner – Fantastic “design your bow” facility! Prices from £190-£400ish.

Pete Bakewell – Established bowyer. Prices from £220-£lots.

Chris Mussolini – Warbow maker. Prices from £100-£300.

There’s lots more very good bowyers, though many of them don’t have websites like Neil Harrington and Chris Boyton, but with a little searching you can usually find out how to contact them (if you need a website guys – just get in touch, we’d be happy to oblige!). PS: Chris Boyton now has his website up and running – http://boytonarchery.com/.

You could also have a look at the The Craft Guild of Traditional Bowyers and Fletchers who have a good list of makers, many of whom have huge experience but may be in danger of being left behind in this internet age.

We’ll be updating this list whenever we can, so if you have any suggestions for it – contact us:


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